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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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A GROUP OF FRIENDS MEETING TO PLAY THE OUIJA unsuspected one visit changed their lives.

This is my story: A night of Halloween, do something scary, we play the Ouija board thingthat I always regret.

The night was cold, the atmosphere felt a strange smell, I can not define it with words, some friends and I are looking for an old Ouija board that my family has always hadsaved ... It was my great-grandmother, who had died when I was not born yet, and had always wanted to know. My friends were doing it for fun, I for one purpose, because he wanted to talk with mygrandmother.

The session began with a laugh my friends were joking, I was very serious, concentrated, but they did not notice until it was struck by lightning that lit up the room dark, followed bythunder, which shook up the last of my bones. Frightened by lightning, my friends, they were silent, like me, concentrating, suddenly, the Ouija pointer began to move. We asked in unison, who he was, but didnot respond.

The pointer is moved constantly from one place to another, without forming words. At the end stopped, and slowly formed the words: "I'm coming for you."

They knocked on the doorbut no one dared to open it, only hear the caller's voice: It was a woman standing in the hallway and screamed into my room. The bolt was lying, he could not enter, but it seemed he would break down thedoor.

The woman screamed in despair, the door would fall, so I pushed the bed to lock. Women increasingly desperate, screaming my name. I had the urge to open the door, but I did, the screams weredesperate.

Then I realized: It was my great grandmother, something told me, but could not explain how he knew.

I threw open the door, wanted to see her, I had to see it, but my friends grabbedme. The cries ceased, one of my friends, had a nervous breakdown. We approached to comfort her, but a strong deep voice and she left saying that we approached. We were of stone.

The woman in the...
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