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Mrs yeni is in the kitchen she left her pearl necklace on the table at the kitchen , rosa the housekeeper got in to the kitchen too , then mrs gum left the kitchen ,

at the next day mrs gum wentto the kitchen for her necklace but she couldnt find it .

yeni gum : rosa! have you seen my necklace rosa? i cand find it! mi collar! lo has visto?!?

( Just mrs gum and rosahad been alone in the house.
everyone else was out of town.)

Rosa: Oh NO! señora! i dont know!! yo no se!!...

Rosa hadb been very nervous and the lady of the house hadcalled the detective , she had noticed that.

yeni gum : riing ... ring....

Detective: good afternoon this is denzel cruise , how can i help you?!

yeni gum : Hello this is yeni gum i needyou to come to my house i have lost my pearl necklase and it is very important for me.

Denzel: of course ill be there. whats youre address please.

yeni gum: is 305 blackstreet.

denzel : i'mon my way .

knock ! knock! ... The detective denzel had arrived to mrs . Yeni house.

Yeni Gum : Hello mr. denzel come on in please .

Denzel : Mrs gum when was the last time when yousaw your necklace?

Yeni gum: well i had been in the kitchen and i took the necklace away and i left it on the table.

Denzel: mrs. gum who were in the house when you lost the neecklace?! ..Yeni Gum: just me and rosa my housekeeper.

Denzel : was rosa in the scene of the crime!?

Yeni gum : she had entered to the kitchen , when i left the kitchen , and after that i didnt see mynecklace again .

Denzel : can i talk to rosa?!

Yeni gum : ROSA!!! ROSA!! come on over here !.
please the detective need to talk to you..

Denzel : Hi rosa!

rosa: Hi! .

Denzel : howare you? you look so serious ,

Rosa : mmmm ... yee... yeess... yo No hablo english.! no English!!..

Denzel : Rosa what did you do yesterday when you got in into the kitchen?!

Rosa :...
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