Generating inteliggent mail bc

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Generating ® Intelligent Mail Barcodes
March 2008

Getting Started
STEP 1: Talk with mail service providers and vendors STEP 2: Apply for Mailer ID (MID) STEP 3: Download software used to translate your intelligent data into the Intelligent Mail barcode STEP 4: Populate barcode fields STEP 5: Generate correct barcodes


Step 1 of 5
Talk with mail service providers and vendorsDetermine whether you would like to implement Intelligent Mail yourself or through a provider/vendor.


Step 2 of 5
Apply for Mailer ID
Contact your local Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA):
Online tool at
Click “Mailpiece Design” Click “Lookup Tool” under heading “Mailpiece Design Analyst”

Survey will be completed and 6 or 9-digit MID assigned based on mail volume


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Download Intelligent Mail software
Intelligent Mail Data

Encoder software Converts intelligent data into printing instructions

Font software Converts printing instructions into barcode




Download Software
To download fonts/encoders, request a user ID and password at

Or contact the National Customer Support Center at(877) 640-0724


Free Encoders
Language and Applications Supported Operating System MVS, z/OS, and OS/390 VSE/ESA OS/400 AIX Linux for pSeries Linux for Intel (including Intel-compatible systems) Programmer Version for Windows MS Office Version for Windows C Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Java 2 Yes COBOL Yes Yes Yes PL/1 Yes Yes MS Access MS Excel


Yes Yes Yes

Threenew encoders coming online this year: Mac OS, HP/UX, and Solaris.

Free Fonts

Type Fonts The Advanced Function Printing (AFP) The XEROX Metacode Hewlett Packard’s PCL Adobe’s Postscript TrueType Fixed Pitch Bitmap Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Scalable

New shorter-height fonts (close to the minimum 0.125”) being developed and tested.


Other Software Available
Other products for IMbarcode artwork
IDAutomation – Encoding and Fonts HALLoGRAM Publishing – Barcode Pro Seagull Scientific, Inc. - Bartender Envelope Manager Software - DAZzle


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Populate the Barcode Fields
Barcode ID defines the presort makeup in conjunction with an Optional Endorsement Line (OEL). Service Type ID defines the mail class and any services requested (e.g., OneCode Confirm, OneCodeACS).
Do not use “000”

Mailer ID is a 6-digit or 9-digit number that uniquely identifies the mail owner or mailing agent. Serial Number uniquely (not always!) identifies the mailpiece or mailing. Routing Code is used to encode the destination ZIP Code of the mailpiece.
Never pad ZIP Code with zeroes, spaces or any other digits that are not part of the ZIP Code; same as POSTNET IM Barcode doesnot require CHECK DIGIT

Step 5 of 5
Put Everything Together and Generate the Barcode
Once you have selected service(s), received your Mailer ID, and devised a unique Serial Number strategy, you are ready to:
Put all the data fields together to form the digit string Pass the digit string to the encoder Apply the font to the encoded 65 bar string

Note: the IM barcode is ALWAYS 65 bars12

IM Barcode Specification History 2005: height between 0.160 and 0.230 2006: height between 0.134 and 0.230 2007: height between 0.125 and 0.165
September 2007: font packages on RIBBS updated to remove tall (~0.230”) fonts; encoder packages are UNAFFECTED Grace period to phase out tall barcode fonts – January 2009 March 2008: packages will be updated to add short (~0.125”) fonts
13 Specification Tolerances
Same as POSTNET, except:
2.667 – 3.225 inches in length (3 bars longer) 0.125 – 0.165 inch in height (vs. 0.115 – 0.135) 0.028 vertical barcode clearance (vs. 0.040)

Clearance between barcode and text lines same as clearance between text lines!


Tilt and Skew Tolerances
Same as POSTNET, except that instead of baseline, you need to look for the centerline!
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