Generation gaps

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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Generation Gaps
What is?
A difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents
Do you believe that generation gapsprovoke different ways of thinking two different ideologies?
I think that sometimes the young people make things that for we are good and we don´t know why our parents bother with us, and sometimes our parentsmake things that maybe we think that are boring but they think that are good, because in their times they make this.
A lot of misunder standings?
I think that some problems are insignificants becauseif we talk with our parents they can understand more about this time, and the different things will be good.
Do you consider that GG is a social problem? Yes or no, and why?
I think that yes,because if the problem are big, the person can be in dangerous, but I think that if all the people learn more about other people, all will be different, for example if the young people think more about ourparents, we can understand about their rules and all will be more happy, but too the parents need know more about the new things for can help more to their children and all would have a better live.Have you ever experienced the GG syndrome?
Well, when I see for example some movie and my parents say “before the movies were better”, but the old movies are boring for me (some movies) and I saythat the new movies are better.
Give two examples:
* When a boy see the cartoons and the father say him that the old cartoons were more educational that the new cartoons
* Today the girls thinkthat isn´t necessary have a family, and the mothers thought that if she didn’t have family she didn´t be happy.
Can you tell us, how is your relationship with your parents?
Well, my relation withmy parents are good, we have some problems like all the families, but never are some big, I think that maybe we need more communication, because sometimes for their jobs they don´t be in the house,...
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