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User Manual for Machine


1.1Safety introduction
The laser machine described here is a Class IV laser device and is dangerous. The laser will
instantly ignite clothing, wood,paper, plastics, and many other common items and will Seriously
Burn Flesh, Including Eyes. Care must be taken to avoid Serious Injury and/or Blindness. Always
operate this and any other high powerlaser in an environment free of flammable materials, children, pets, spectators, etc. Always use Infrared Eye Protection Goggles when operating this laser.
Failure to due so may result in PermanentBlindness. This laser uses Lethal High Voltages. Care
must be taken when working with the high voltage. Failure to do so may result in Serious Injury
or Death.
Builder and/or User Assumes All Risks!By assembling this laser kit, or by using the information contained in this manual to build,
repair, or otherwise work with lasers or other high voltage devices of any kind, You Do So At
Your OwnRisk.

1.2 Fittings prepared

One large water bucket that has a capacity of about 25 kg purity water, using for cooling Laser.
A single stranded copper wire with 2MM diameter, using for grounding.You will need the following items in order to finish this machine:
An IBM Compatible PC -w-1.6 GHZ or more exclusive Processor. 512 MB RAM OR Greater with one available PCI Slot. Windows XP OperatingSystem Required. *** PS2 Keyboard and Mouse Interface

Required *** USB Keyboard is NOT Supported…

1.3 Technical character
Laser engraver making use of the high-energy laser beam focus on thesurface of the work piece
And gasify the work piece material in order to cut the work piece successfully. And the numeral control worktable can cut the work piece to the designed shape.

Theequipment adopt the CO2 glass laser tube, and use the high-pressure gas discharge to pump the material, the output beam waist of laser reflected to the setting focus mirror
of the numeral control...
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