Gente desconsiderada

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Inconsiderate People.
I think that inconsiderate people are those who are incapable to love someone, those who are selfish and only think of themselves. Those who do not care about others.There are people who enjoy to bother other people. People who do not care if they cause problems to another person with their behavior.
Bitter people, to whom everything seems wrong in life, who spendtheir time criticizing everything, speaking ill of all, finding bad at all, censoring those who disagree with them, whose conversation is tinged with derogatory epithets to others . Do not say "thisperson, but the scoundrel so and so and so, will not say this or that person but the asshole or the jerk, or the idiot" Unable to find anything beautiful in others are turning on themselves and projectabroad a grin of bitterness. An encounter with such people always leaves a bad taste, we know what they are going to say. There will be no kind words, no smiles, no optimistic or enthusiasticcomments, but on the contrary, constant complaints about "how bad people are, how bad it is humanity, how bad the world is going, what you have done or have not done.
"Carry with them a burden so heavy withbitterness that prevents them from looking up and look with clear eyes the miracle of sunrise or sunset, surprised by the emergence of a star, the transformation of a worm into a butterfly.
Beingwith an inconsiderate person it is like being in front of the bitterness and rancor, resentment and the inability to smile, to forget, to forgive, to get ahead in life.
They ignore the economic,personal, social and health problems of other people. Because they do not think about others more than themselves. Because that is what they are: inconsiderate people.
They have a negative attitude, andthey talk in an aggressive way.
They think that the only ones who are right are they.
There are thousands of inconsiderate actions like interrupting someone else, litter on the street, people who...
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