Geo es una historia creada que se trata de un muchacho que lucha contra aliens

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Geo |
Spelling. |
8th. Grade Miss Urquía |
Jordi A. Fernández F. |
26/10/2010 |

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A. |

This story is about a guy that his name was Georgebut all his friends call him Geo. He was an inflexible boy, he has nineteen years old, he was tall (1.95), he had blue eyes, and blond hair but he was a sullen person. Geo was in the U.S.A army. He had a chamois, which was made by a meticulous artisan. He only plays with that. Geo only have four friends and that friends are the following: Maria, Ashley (his girlfriend), John (his brother and awaxed person of thirty-two years old) and the chamois artisan.
His brother John leads a accelerate car and he only drive on the obscurity because he had a good perspective of the road, that he before had scrutinized. John was in the U.S.A army too and in the U.S.A army was steadfast that nobody can drive a car in the obscurity because the aliens can guile him. One day Geo and John broke the rulesand they go with that lavish car to the movies with two sexy girls Ashley and Maria, Ashley was an 18 girl that study in the Washington Institute for Girls, Maria was in that institute too.
Geo was gingerly driving when an alien jump in the hood of the car they were scared and they accelerate to try the alien felt down but nothing happened. Then they stop and Maria asked, “What’s happening?” andJohn answered “The aliens are destroying the earth, I have a weapon in the glove compartment and the special munitions are below the seat, but be careful Maria that munitions are lethal!”
Geo take the weapon and start shooting perpendicular to the profound plane of the street (an ugly street in the obscurity), the things were going aggravate of the street. And then the General McKarty take outthe mask and said, “Oh jajajaja stop shooting George, it’s a yoke I `am your General McKarty” and Geo answered, “General I ‘am sorry I lament to escape the institute only for go to the movies with two sexy girls and John my brother, I already have accumulate two irritant faults and if I accumulate three irritant faults they will expelled me from, army!”

General McKarty told Geo that if theyaccumulate 3 irritant faults they would not be fired of the army if they accumulate five yes, they would expelled him from the U.S.A army.

In a rainy day at night Geo was eating and John was in the bathroom when the sirens start to rang and all people saying that the aliens were really here! Immediately John came out from bathroom in a ludicrous way! Geo was a scared like all people was. Whenthey saw the aliens John start talking in an irreverent way, and General McKarty told him in a gallantly way that what that informality was and John answered that he was scared; Geo told John that he have to control himself, and John obeyed Geo. Geo admonish a lot John that’s why John obeyed him. John reliance on Geo and reminisce him that they were in a battle with aliens.
Geo and John werefighting against aliens they kill a lot of aliens General McKarty take a negligent attitude and that’s way he was killed. Geo and John were the only survivors (of that battle) they had a wistful day. John has a lacerate heart, he has a shoot in his arm but Geo with his auxiliary cage help him.

Five years later John was killed by a loath alien! Geo make a beautiful funeral for his old brother. In thatfuneral another invasion was coming and a lot of people were killed. Geo in a vindictive way killed all aliens (in that battle). That’s way Geo was an arbitrary person Geo had a good integrity and a high morale and he was stimulus by the queen of Spain.
Some years later Geo was alleged of killing the queen of Spain but he said that that was sumptuous because the queen was impossible to tangible...
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