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World Geography
Semester Exam Review, 2010

Unit 1: Intro to Geography

What is a map?
Is the representation of the earth’s surface drawn on a flat surface
Uses symbols and colors

What are the 6 basic features of a map? Why is each of them important?
Title: identifies the topic area
Legend: explains the meaning of colors and symbols
Scale: compares maps distances to real lifeCompass: direction
Date: reason
Border: stets map apart from others

What color should never be used for coloring land on a map?

Continents and Oceans- CAPS
Capital cities & bodies of water- First letter CAP

Latitude and Longitude:
Pin point locations on earth surface
Imaginary lines measuring deg. min. sec,
latitude: lines that are parallel and never meet. measured from N toS (Horizontal)
longitude: lines that meet of the poles, called meridians of longitude. measured E & W(vertical)
Gazetteer: an index found at the back of an atlas. Uses grid locations as well as latitude and longitude coordinates to help locate places throughout the atlas

Issue Analysis:
fact: objective. item known to be true
opinion: subjective. what people think about a topic
bias: onesided view or slanted view

Unit 2 Review: Physical & Human Geography

Choropleth Map
is a map which shows regions or areas which have the same characteristics.
an increase in value is shown by darker or more intense shades.
their good for identify patterns.

Climate vs. Weather
Weather: the day today conditions of the earth’s atmosphere.
Climate: the average weather conditions of acertain place over a long period of time.
weather characteristics: temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, cloud cover, wind, speed and direction.
weather and climate vary greatly from place to place.
distance from north to south.
Different elevations produce different climate conditions.
costal regions differ from in land regions.
wind and pressure systems move weather from one place toanother.
factors affecting climate: latitude, ocean currents, winds and air masses, elevations, relief and near water.

Global Warming
the increase in average temperature

-happen after the earths build up pressure by pushing into or squeezing past each other
when pates cant take the pressure anymore they slip suddenly waves to the ground
Richter Scale measures the energyreleased by an earthquakes (0-9)
weakest quakes noticed by people are 3.0
5.0 will crack walls and objects will fall of shelves.
8.0 means total destruction.

a geological landform where magma erupts through the surface of the earth.
Tend to occur near boundaries of continental plates.
majority are part of the pacific ring of fire: global system of active volcanic mountains thatcircle the pacific ocean.

World Population
-The worlds population is approximately 6 billion and predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050.
In order to predict population trends, demographers study the growth rate (births- deaths) of countries

Population Density
-Is the number of people occupying land per square kilometer
to calculate you take the total number of people and divide it by thetotal land area
population density doesn’t account for distribution of people because it doesn’t tell exactly where they are just how much they are.

Global Village Concept
is the term used to describe the world shrunk into a village by the means of the different media types, most especially the World Wide Web, making it easy to pass across messages (like the news), thereby making the worldbecome like a single village where people can easily contact each other quicker.

-human migration is the movement of people from 1 place in the world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi permanent residence.
people choose to move or are forced to move

-Types of MIgration
-Emigration: leaving one country to move to another.
-immigration:moving into a...
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