Geografia politica

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Once upon a time, in a Little town where a cruis was going . A protector mother and a lovely girl going to get into thecruise. They’re names were Prospera and Miranda
The cruise was in the open sea, then happens a shipwreck and all the survivers wereentorouge and disperse, that were so few, the saw an ashore and then they went to the island that were close from them. They felt as theywere imprision. Were slave of the iceberg. Were disperse and grief.
What Miranda and Prospera didn’t know is that Antonio andFerdinand (their enemies) were there. Then they aware about this and started to fight because Tony betrayed them because they had a lot ofmoney and he was poor so he made a bond with they and then he runs away with it. After Tony was repent bur Prospera was involved inblack magic and she could hurt him and she took the dog on Tony and made her usurp.
The nobel (Tony) was so angry, that’s why hedoesn’t want to see them again.
Prospera begins to use her black magic, so she can destroyed him, and the other people were watching them.Not on purpose she threw a spell above him of love and he falled in love with Miranda, but ferdinent was in love with her too andthen the mom accidentally kills her daughter and she was so sad for it she get lost in the island and no one saw her ever again.
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