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Seven presented as main characters David Mills, a young policeman, inexperienced and extremely impulsive, William Somerset, police trade shows color and coldness, and Mills-sufferingwife. When Detective Somerset is about to retire, he presents the case of his life:with Mills will hunt down a psychopath who operates by the deadly sins. Lt. Somerset, the homicide department is about toretire and be replaced by the ambitious and brilliant detective David Mills. Both will have to cooperate in solving a series of murders committed by a psychopath whobuilds on the relationship ofthe seven deadly sins: gluttony, sloth, pride, avarice, envy, lustand anger. The bodies of the victims, the murderer who preys on shamelessly, to become policemen in a conundrum that will force them to travelto the horror.


Somerset is an old agent working in the police for homicide. One morning I called to see acase, and once there, he meets his new assistant, David Mills, a young copwho came from Springfield. After a while they were investigating, Somerset and Mills find that they get along. Arriving at the office, talk to Captain Somerset and Mills. The first says he doesnot wantthe case, and the captain reminds him strapped template, and they need you. Finallyended up staying with the case.


The next morning the captain informs Somerset, that there wasanother murder, a guy named Eli Gould, and the case takes Mills. The captain also teaches pieces that found in the dead body. Somerset, was the floor of the first death, and realized that the pieces were thefloor of thefridge, and that behind this there was a note put Gluttony (gula), one of the seven deadly sins. Somerset realized that there were still five more murders and told Mills. Somerset wentto dinner at the home of Mills invited by his wife. They dined, and whenfinished they decided to go to the home of Miss Gould. This told them that a picture thatappeared in the picture was upside...
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