Geographic information systems

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GIS Solutions for Retail
Understand Your Business From a New Perspective

GIS: Visualize, Analyze, and Leverage Your Data
ESRI gives business professionals better tools to visualize, analyze, and leverage their business data in order to improve efficiency and decision making.

GIS, a Tool That Means Business
Approximately 80 percent of all business data are related to location. Businessesmanage a world of information about sales, customers, inventory, demographic profiles, mailing lists, and so much more. No matter what industry you are in, business success means making wiser decisions faster than your competition. Being able to understand the market and obtain information quickly so you can take fast action is key. The intuitive power of maps often reveals trends, patterns, andopportunities that may not be detected in tabular data alone. Maps are the key to success in business.

Geographic information systems (GIS) software is a tool for making maps, analyzing data, and reporting your results. Since 1969, ESRI has been helping people solve real-world geographic and business problems. Today more than 100,000 organizations around the world use ESRI’sleading edge technology to manage location information. By visualizing their information, businesses and government agencies have a better way to organize and visualize their data for improved communications and enhanced decision making. A GIS uses computers, software, and data to leverage the fundamental principle of geography—that location is important to business. GIS takes the numbers and data fromthe rows and columns in databases and spreadsheets and puts them on a map. Placing your data on a map highlights where you have customers around your store locations and identifies what their demographic profile is. It allows you to view, understand, question, interpret, analyze, and visualize your data in ways simply not possible in rows and columns of a spreadsheet. Advances in technology are rewriting the rules of the game in increasingly rapid cycles. ESRI believes that the future success of retail, real estate, and restaurants will be determined to a large degree by the competitive advantages of investing in and implementing smart technology. GIS is one of the smart technologies that will give you this competitive advantage. It is encouraging to see our userstake the lead in implementing smart GIS technology on projects that will bring value to their organization and improve their bottom line. GIS adds spatial intelligence, the one true source of sustainable competitive advantage, to your organization. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, retailers must use every advantage to acquire and retain customers, plan market expansion and contraction,locate profitable sites, stay abreast of changing consumer tastes, and act faster than the competition. To help companies achieve these goals, ESRI believes in a basic principle that has guided our company for more than 30 years—Geography Matters™. Geography fundamentally influences and connects culture, business, society, and lifestyle. Geography answers many business and marketing queries. We arecommitted to the idea that tools that leverage geography, such as GIS, are smart for business and should become as common in business as back-office accounting systems. ESRI can help your company achieve even greater productivity through the implementation of these tools.

ESRI has the data, technology, Web services, and infrastructure to support retailers in the implementation of solutions thatfoster growth. We develop applications that will precisely mine customer information. ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS™ ) demographic, segmentation, and third party data sets reveal trends and untapped opportunities, then integrate these sources into an enterprise platform consisting of mobile, desktop, and Web services technology. Our solutions are affordable and scalable and...
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