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A-1 A aalenense adj Aalenian | nm Aalenian aaleniano,-na adj Aalenian aaleniense adj Aalenian aaltarnm regolith found in western Flanders aas nm a type of sand dune ábaco nm a. trough (artesa) in which gold placers are washed | washtrough, buddle | graph, chart, nomogram abajadero nm slope, downgrade abajador nm [Sp, Méx] tool carrier in (a mine) abajamiento nm subsidence abajar vtr to lower, let down | to fall, descend abajo adv down, below, under abajor nm depression abaluartado,-da adj rockmass in the form of a bulwark (baluarte) abancalado,-da adj terraced abandonado,-da adj abandoned, as in mina abandonada which should be distinguished from una mina agotada which has been abandoned specifically due to depletion abandonamiento nm abandonment abandonar vtr to abandon | to leave, as in los mineros abandonaron la mina 'the miners left the mine' | a. un sondeo to abandon a. wellabanico nm fan | fan shaped workings or stopes | a. aluvial alluvial fan | a. de deyección talus fan, debris cone abarrancar vtr to excavate | to form gullies abarranco,-ca adj excavated abastar vtr to furnish, supply abastecimiento nm supply | a. de agua water supply abasto nm output of a mine or mill | provisioning, supplying | abundance, great amount | a. de agua water supply abataje nm breakingground abatón nm inaccessible location aberración nf aberration aberrante nm aberrant abertal adj cracked, generally by drought abertura nf opening, fissure | aperture | the reopening of a vein | driving of levels or drifting in a mine | gap or pass between mountains | cove, small bay | a. de galería driving, tunneling | a. volcánica vent abetunado,-da adj very brown abichita nf [Ch] clinoclaseabierto,-ta adj open | flat, level (terrain) abigarrado,-da adj multi-colored, variegated | mottled abioglifo nm abioglyph abiótico,-ca adj abiotic abisal adj abyssal abísico,-ca adj abyssal abismal adj abyssal abismo nm abyss | deep | steep face abisolbéntico,-ca adj abyssal-benthic abisolito nm batholith abisolítico,-ca adj abyssolitic abisopelágico,-ca adj abyssal-pelagic ablación nf erosion |ablation ablatógrafo nm ablatograph abocardado,-da adj bell or funnel shaped abocarder vtr to widen the opening of or to something abocardo nm drill abocelado,-da adj torus-shaped abocinado,-da adj trumpet shaped, splayed abocinamiento nm widening abocinar vtr to widen an opening abombado,-da adj convex | swollen abombamiento nm dome | anteclise aborregado,-da adj glaciated | striated by the action ofglaciers aborto de oro nm [Pe] nuggets of gold found in potholes (hucucas) abovado,-da adj arched, vaulted abra nf reopening of a vein | fissure or cleft in sand | gorge, break or fissure in a mountain | clearing, opening, gap | cove | [surv] clearing for line of sight abrasilado,-da adj deep red abrasión nf erosion by water and wind | abrasion | scour abrasivo,-ca adj abradant, abrasive abrazarvtr to enclose | to fabricate some kind of structure to prevent caving and spalling of the roof of a mine abrevadero nm flooded mine | [Col] a water filled excavation used to work placers abridura nf [Méx] enlargement (of a gallery) abrigo nm the width of a vein | inhabited cave | a. del carbón [Cerro de Pasco, Pe] argillaceous rock forming the footwall and hanging wall to coal seams abrillantar vtrto cut (diamonds or other gemstones) abrimiento nm opening abrir vtr to drive or open up a working | a. el terreno to bore | a. una galería to drift | a. un

A-2 pozo to sink a shaft or well | a. un surco to dig a trench | a. un tunel to tunnel abrirse vpr to open up, widen (as for a vein) abrojos nmpl reef, hidden rocks abronzado nm tetrahedrite | [Méx] chalcopyrite and other copper ores...
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