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Hobbes at state level:
* Caos
* No refery
* The strongest has the power
* No authority control
Hobbes theory describes the human as “bad by nature”.
Humans fear for safety and security was the motivation to get out of the state level.
For this reason, people decided to make a contract and create a central authority, called leviathan(which was the state).Conception: Power needs to be hold on one person, or else, if power is divided there will be caos. (MONARCHY IN TODAY´S DAY)
Global level: Organizations like U.N, world bank, etc, where nations gather and decide to make contracts to have a central authority.
Lock state of nature:
* Humans are relatively happy without central authority
* Not selfish
* Humans haveconceptions of good and bad.
* No respect for private property.
Even though humans knew the diference between good and bad, they didn´t respect private property.
So, they created a contract to protect private property, and the authority was created by a constitution (division of power, executive, legislative and judicial).
Loke´s theory was a DEMOCRATIC POWER (against monarchy, and tired of theirabuse).
Global level:
Human rights
NATO (North American trade organization)

Diciplinary Society:
Society in which social command is constructed by networks.
It is ruled by structuring patterns (limits) and sanctions, it produce and regulates habits, customs, and behaviors.
Examples: Prision, universities, hospitals, asylum.
Society of control: Power is now exercides as machinesthat direcrly organize the brains (communication systems, information activities, etc) and bodies.
What is biopower: A form of power that regulates social life from its interior. Power is expreddes as a control that extends through consciousness.
is a technology of power, which is a way of managing people as a group. The distinctive quality of this political technology is that it allows for thecontrol of entirepopulations.
Biopower is literally having power over other bodies, "an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations"
Example: T.V and Internet.
* Potential allies
* Potential enemies
* Maintain allies
* Counter enemies
* Justify four calculations

1. Introduction. (briefintro. About the context)
2. Context (problem)
3. Actors (countries involved)
4. Time frame
5. Explain the code related to the problem.

Allies: Enemies:
* Venezuela. U.S.A
* Brasil England
* Argentina* Bolivia
* Chile
* Uruguay
* Nicaragua
* Rusia
* Bielorrusia
* India
* China
* Irán
* Malasia
* Iran
How can we mantian our allies:
* Support in war. (put military bases in the island)
* Economic. (let Russia invest in petrochemical industry)
* Same political thinking.

How can we counter our enemies: The only way they can defend themselvesis in a diplomatic way, by being present in all of the international forums, and asking that United States stops the economic blockage. Because the blockage that US has from Cuba, is that there is a country that sales things to Cuba, United States, becomes their enemy. United States has invaded their space by air and with radio and TV transmissions proposing that they rebel against the socialistsystem and to emigrate from the island, and between April 15 and October 31, 1980, there was a movement called Mariel boatlift, Fidel Castro, said that anyone who wanted to leave, could do so, but then this had complications for the Carter administration.

Justification: Now a days cuba is known between their allies like a solidary country that has been helping cities from all aroun the...
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