George bernard shaw

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Good morning everyone.... and all that stuff.
Today we are going to talk about George Bernard Shaw. He was an Irish playwright born in Dublin in 1856. His father was a drunkard civilservant and he inherited his sense of humor; and his mother was a a singer and music teacher who led her son to develop a passion for music. His first profitable reading was music and literarycriticism, but his real talent was for drama. Almost all his writings reflected social problems through comedy. Bernard Shaw also had a strong political conviction that he reflected during his whole live.As you can see today we will introduce you Shaw's world. First of all, we will talk briefly about his education and then we will get through his work such as novels, short stories, drama, essay andthen we will explain some interesting think about his political view. Finally we will tell you some interesting thing about him.


Shaw wrote five novels, but they were allunsuccessful (Between 1879 and 1883).
Immaturity was his first novel. Was written in 1879 and published in 1931 (52 years later)
Shaw's genius would never be revealed as a novelist.

Politics:Primera diapositiva:
The first organization that Shaw joined was the Zetetical Society, a debating club where discussed about economics, science and religion. Soon, he became a speaker and a regularparticipant at public meetings. At one of these meetings Shaw heard a lecture on land nationalization that had a profound effect on Shaw and helped to develop his ideas on socialism.
Shaw believedthat income for individuals should come from the sale of their own labour and that poverty could be eliminated by giving equal pay to everyone. These concepts led Shaw to apply for membership of theSocial Democratic Federation and then he was introduced to the works of Karl Marx.
But two years later he preferred to join the newly formed Fabian Society which accorded with his belief that...
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