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Management must be ethical. Managing by telling the truth and treating all employees equitably has established credibility that is ethical.
1. A necessary attribute for self-esteem isself-motivation. We have a strong work ethic. We believe that you receive from your work in proportion to how much you contribute. If you do not want to work hard, work somewhere else.

Strategic Management.Formulation, Implementation, and Control, Eleventh Edition

Chapter Two: Company Mission
ISBN: 9780073381367 Author: John A. Pearce, Richard B. Robinson
copyright © 2009 McGraw-Hill, a businessunit of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

4. Discuss the effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 on the ethical conduct of business.

Types of Social Responsibility

To better understandthe nature and range of social responsibilities for which they must plan, strategic managers can consider four types of social commitment: economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary socialresponsibilities.

reflect the company’s notion of right and proper business behavior. Ethical responsibilities are obligations that transcend legal requirements. Firms are expected, but not required, tobehave ethically. Some actions that are legal might be considered unethical. For example, the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes is legal. But in light of the often-lethal consequences ofsmoking, many consider the continued sale of cigarettes to be unethical. The topic of management ethics receives additional attention later in this chapter. Large-scale social investing can be brokendown into the two broad areas of guideline portfolio investing and shareholder activism. Guideline portfolio investing is the largest and fastest-growing segment of social investing. Individual andinstitutional guideline portfolio investors use ethical guidelines as screens to identify possible investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The investment instruments that survive the social...