German democratic republic communism

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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Diego Saldeno
Democratic Republic of Germany
(The communism as a brain washer)
It was 1949, four years after the end of WWII, Germany has been separate it in four regions but now there are only two: Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany). In West Germany the control was from UK, France and USA, but in East Germany the soviets were theone in charge. And how the USSR was in control of East Germany, they decided that the Communist Party (SED) was the one it was going to be in charge of East Germany. Wilhelm Pieck was the first one in charge, Pieck with a communist pass and exile in Russia during World War II, knew perfect what the communist was all about, especially the USSR communist. Pieck start to govern with strongpersonality. The troops of USSR take charge of East Germany and East Berlin. The Government was the only one in charge, in the beginning the Soviets soldiers did whatever they want they were the one in powers and it was an epoch were the "rape" were the common behavior in East Germany. During this time a 100.000 of German women give birth to babies who were the product of rape, and another 100.000 giveabortion.
Suddenly enough the communication the news paper everything was controlled by the communist government, freedom of speech was remembered as a dream by does who have born before WWII. Finally in 1953, Stalin died, so the Germans saw the chance of go against the government and make the Uprising of the 1953, this uprising was hardly punished by the soviet army, so hard that they didn'ttried until end of the 80's 30 years later. In 1961 a new communist weapon was built: "The Berlin Wall." The Berlin wall was build to separate West Berlin from East Berlin. This separate family and friends and no one could pass from West Berlin to East Berlin, now the communism in East Berlin was having the people as prisoners. Everything started to change little by little after 1971, when ErichHonecker gets in charge of the Democratic Republic of Germany succeeding Wilhelm Pieck. Honecker made the communism as a brain washer. He starts to strain the relations with West Germany but the people of East Germany were still prisoners. The newspaper, news any kind of communication was extremely supervised by the communist government. Honecker make also clear that they are going to fallow the ideaof the USSR communism which he support 100%, but it didn't only stop there, he made plans for the people to become communist! He made a plan were the young people had a communist education got to college and then spends a year or two in a communist party. The truth was what the communist said, for example: one rich man from West Berlin, bought some billboards that u can see them from East Germanyand in them he put what was really going on in the world, not the "reality" that the communist offer them, but the "reality" of reality. To avoid this billboards stop the brain washer the communist were giving to the people they make built buildings that obstruct the view of the billboards. Not only that but all kind of communication likes phone or postal was supervised.
Thanks to Honaker ideaof "detente" the relationships between East and West Germany, get better and better and thanks to this relation, came the Four Powers Agreement (1971), which guarantee West Berlin and West Germany diplomacy and economic relations. And after this it came: "The Basic Treaty" which guarantees respect of the sovereignty of East Berlin with West Berlin. The Democratic Republic of Germany was winningeconomic and diplomatic power. So ingress to the UN in 1973, and start to develop diplomatic relations with Australia, France, Netherlands, Federal Republic of Germany and others. The communism was recognize and accepted by the other countries that see in East Germany a sovereignty state.
“Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity - in short, of tyranny - and...
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