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Germany a country rich in culinary dishes and beverages in this country is what they are consuming sausages and pork.
Also consume a wide variety of seafood.

Wurstebrot is a kind of sausage made​​with blood, is often cut into slices and and are usually roasted in a pan with butter with slices of potatoes.

The Sauerkraut is a typical German meal that is prepared by fermenting cabbage leavesin salted water.

German strudel means "whirlpool". consists of a roll of pastry filled with apple sauce, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and bread crumbs prepared once cooked in the oven.

Brezel: breadmade ​​with long ribbon of granulated salt on top. In other parts of the world known as “pretzels."

Semmel or Brötchen: savory breads are round, that can be taken alone or filled with meat. Seedsare coated on top.

Fleisch gebratener: is meat (can be from different animals) that is fried in oil leather.

Nudel: it is a white paste churro as it takes the side.

Dumplings: These buns canbe made from different ingredients. The Kartoffelknödeln, for example, are usually accompanied potato and meat dishes. The Leberknödeln are liver and is often served in broth as a soup.Tourism
The Old National Gallery

The Old National Gallery was completed in 1876 to house a collection of nineteenth century art donated by banker Joachim HW, Contains one of the largest collections ofsculptures and paintings of the nineteenth century in Germany.
Old Museum

The oldest museum in the Museum Island, was completed in 1830, according to the plans of the Prussian architect KarlFriedrich Schinkel, is the oldest museum building in the city, where King Frederick William III ordered for the first time the collection Antiquities to be displayed in public.

Cologne Cathedral

isone of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany and has been Cologne's most famous landmark for centuries, its two towers are one hundred fifty-seven meters in height, its construction...
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