Getting started with your guitar

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  • Publicado : 28 de julio de 2010
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Getting started with a guitar.

Learning to play a guitar is a long and laborious process. However, if you follow the right steps required to get started properly, it is possible to make it easier.These steps are: to get a guitar, get familiarized with it and start playing it.

Start by going to a music store. The bigger it is, the better for you. Take your time to take a look at all of theguitars. Then ask the store’s attendant to recommend you a guitar for the music style you would like to play. For example, if you want to play metal, he will probably take you to see a Flying V, andnot an acoustic guitar. It is always good to ask for the advice of these guys because they tend to be musicians, and their advice could be helpful. Note that you should make the store’s attendant yourfriend before doing this because as he can help you, and show you the best guitar for the best price, he could also sell you the worst possible guitar ever made for the highest price ever seen. Thishas become very common nowadays.

Right after you get your guitar, you will need to take care of it. All guitar, no matter the brand or kind, need to be placed in a fresh, neat place where the suncan’t reach them. In addition it is needed to clean them at least twice a month. You do not forcefully have to know every single part of your guitar in order to play it, but at least you need to getfamiliarized with the frets, which are small divisions the guitar has where you place your fingers when playing, and the amp-guitar hook, which is the place where you connect a wire that goes from yourguitar to an amplifier.

Finally the last and hardest step has come, playing the guitar. First of all you need to do some exercises based on coordinating your right hand picking-fingering with yourleft hand nailing, just as the “spider exercise” does. Then you should learn the guitar chords, which are really easy, but you have to learn them perfectly. When you have become skilled at these two...
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