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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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República Bolivariana De Venezuela
Ministerio Del poder popular Para La Educación
U.E. Instituto “San José”
Lagunillas Edo. Zulia

Realizado por:
José Barboza
2do Cs “C”


* Usually she make everyday food also washed weekdays
especially clothing white. He always play twice a week
soccer and seldom go to school, every time go to school
no enters to class.And she all the time him tells that enters
to class but the same no assists to class, he always eat once
a day food that she ago. He was for his grandmother to check on her, when he arrived at hisgrandmother, realizes that not only she was waiting, but some family members he was there, and he was glad because, They were traveling, and he was surprised because he had not said anything.

*hangs the surprise of seeing her family there, After the salutes and speaks a little with them, he says he really is happy to spend that day with his grandmother and her family, then the grandmothersays, she is very happy for having a good time this day, After that his whole family was happy, Mr. Mendoza then decided to go also, but before that he decides to fix everything for her grandmother donot have to, after I finish to accommodate all goes quiet home, When it happens, Mr. Mendoza is going to sleep at once. The next day the wife of Mr. Mendoza goes to the supermarket to buy food forlunch, when Ms.

* The next day Mr. Mendoza is going to work, in the way it tasted a bit since there was going to work queue, after Mr. Mendoza finally work, he gets to work hard once you get,working day after Mr. Mendoza decided to go to the plaza with peers, they are there for a while having fun, talking and enjoying the day so heavy that it had, Mr. Mendoza when he decides to leave hisfriends tell him to stay but he decides to leave, Mr. Mendoza when he comes home all we do is greet his wife and go to bed so tired he was, she just smile because you know how tired he was her husband,...
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