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  • Publicado : 19 de julio de 2010
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Mahatma Gandhi

Juan Pablo León

It is difficult to make a criticism of a figure such as Mahatma Gandhi, as considering his greatdeeds as someone quiet and very peaceful, however this great thinker in his speech he called for patience and nonviolence, which is difficult to assimilate becausewhat if the world did not exist hatred, revenge, etc. How could we distinguish such love? The world would be extremely passive and everything would be peaceful.which at first would be wonderful, but ultimately, we would be immersed in a world very monotonous and boring, not opened goals or struggles to get something, aspatient as we would expect that things will arrive alone, no reason to open des defend protected, causing high unemployment in the area of national security,including police, military etc. and as there would be only good, the mission of all religions, would end.

On the other hand if we analyze the nature of human beingsthroughout history always to see that the man wanted to reach more and more power both economically and politically, not caring if it harms others, and wheneverthere is a period peace, someone commits a fault and causes a conflict, both social and economic policy or this follows the famous phrase "The end justifies themeans", which deprives the existence of a perpetual peace.

So the world raised Gandhi, is simply a utopia in the short term, ie if they achieve their ideal therelative tranquility that would be generated, it would be temporary or ephemeral, because something or someone off balance achieved this world as perfect.
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