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World News Stories

1. News Story One: 
A. Huge Creature Lashes out at Man and Canine
B. Giant Crocodile Eats Dog and Bites Man
C. Man Becomes Latest Fatality in Attacks
2.News Story Two: 
A. Woman Missing After Tornado Hits Town
B. Injured Woman and Missing Cat Result of Twister
C. Frightening Storm Causes Damage in the Thousands
3. News Story Three: A. Man Disposes of Ring Out the Window
B. Kitchen Sink Holds Man Hostage
C. Man Battles Burned Fish in House
4. News Story Four: 
A. Family Lost After Car Breaks Down on WeekendDrive
B. Winter Hike Over Mountain Turns Deadly for Family
C. Snow Storm's Grip Strands Family on Outing

Dessert Recipe
Ingredients (serves 4)
* 85g sachet strawberry jellycrystals
* 2 tbs strawberry liqueur (optional)
* 375ml can evaporated milk
* 150ml thickened cream, whipped to soft peaks
* 2 tbs grated white chocolate
Method1. Place jelly crystals in a large bowl. Whisk with 100ml boiling water to dissolve, then allow to cool. Add the liqueur, if using, then add the evaporated milk and use a hand-whisk tobeat until thick and frothy.
2. Pour the mixture into your prettiest serving glasses or dishes and chill for at least 4 hours or until set.
3. When ready to serve, top eachbavarois with whipped cream, white chocolate curls and strawberries, if desired.
* A classic bavarois is a chilled dessert of custard, cream, gelatine and fruit puree orother flavourings. This cheat's version is a great store-cupboard dessert. They're also lovely topped with sliced strawberries along with the cream and white chocolate.
* Take a triparound the globe with our range of international recipe collections. Start with our French recipes, Thai recipes, Turkish recipes and Spanish recipes.

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