Fiolek was born on October 22, 1990 in Dearborn, Michigan and has been deaf since birth. Fiolek of family moved to St. Augustine for her to attend the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, the largest school of this type in the United States. At the school, she studied ballet, rantrack, and played hoops. When Fiolek finished eighth grade, her parents decided to begin homeschooling her. She also won many races in the 2009 season, She repeated as 2009 Pro National Champion. She finished this race in pain with a collarbone fracture due to a spill during the race.Fiolek is now nineteen years old. She developed an interest in motorcycles around the age of two and rode on the front of her mother's 4-wheeler or her father's bike. Around the age of three, Fiolek's parents surprised her with a Yamaha PW50, a bike suitable for very young riders.She did not use the bike very often; she had trouble with the training wheels and preferred to ride with her parents. Fiolek began racing at age seven. At age sixteen, she met Travis Pastrana and other Pro motocross racers at races in which she was also racing. In April 2010 Fiolekpublished her first book Kicking Up Dirt

CHAMPION OF VOCATION. Cuando nació, los médicos alertaron a los Fiolek que su hija era diferente al resto de los niños. At birth, doctors warned the Fiolek that her daughter was different from other children. Pero ellos se negaron a tratar aAshley como una persona discapacitada. But they refused to treat Ashley as a disabled person. Al contrario, se preocuparon de que la pequeña supiera que su sordera absoluta –no puede escuchar siquiera el ruido de un motor de avión encendido a su lado– no le impediría lograr sus objetivos enla vida. Instead, they worried that the little she knew that her deafness absolutely can not even hear the sound of a jet engine on his side-not prevent him from achieving their goals in life.Con sólo tres años su padre, fanático del motociclismo, le compró su primera moto y [continua]

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