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A social network is defined as a group of people or simply a group of friends who are related. As we know a social network is a social structurethat is used as a communication line. In social networks there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages, there you can find friendship, relationships, games,business and finally a variety of things you can do within social networks. Social networks can also be used to promote a product or service from a company. Thesenetworks are becoming day after day in a way of doing business primarily in marketing that companies use to advertise any product or service promoted in the market. Socialnetworks are beginning to awaken interest in the marks to be an ideal channel to achieve what has always have been looking for: to be recommended among friends andacquaintances, this is how slowly the marketing is taking place in social networks . They can also be used to promote tourism from somewhere and that through thephotos that people rise or rise in social networks people can account for the sights of the place and also tour the beautiful scenery you can leave your comments so thatother people see what you remarked on the photo.


There are several types of social networks now some have disappeared while others have been onthe internet such as Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, the Tagged, Myspace and Orkut the others. These types of networks are like communities which conform to the taste of eachone, according to the tastes of each individual, as in social networks you can find one of your liking such as Facebook which is almost primarily for students
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