Global warming

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2011
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The Global Warming Issue
The climate is changing and the planet is warming, from North Pole to South Pole, and everywhere in between. This is not just a fact, this a real problem that is affectingour world, and its impacts are already happening and we can see them in several examples like ice is melting worldwide, especially in Earth's poles, the sea level rise or the habit changing orextinction of some species. The consequences of the global warming are close to us, just we have to see a little more over our nose to realize it..
One of the most disturbing effects of the global warningis the case is of ice sheets in West Antarctica and Greenland that is positioned in the Arctic an is especially vulnerable to climate change. The Greenland Ice Sheet has experienced record melting inrecent years and is likely to contribute to sea level rise as well as to possible changes in ocean circulation in the future. The area of the sheet that experiences melting has increased about 16%from 1979 that is when measurements started to 2002 when it broke all previous records. This especially case is may be no notice for everyone, but It affected many villages in the Antarctic Zone thathave to be relocated in new places. .
Other specific case that show us how the global warming is affecting the live in our planet, is of the several species in danger of extinction and the unusualmoving of some species to cooler places as is the case of the Comma Butterfly, foxes, and alpine plants. Another case is of the Golden Toad that is no longer seen since 1997ish. All this is a frighteningreality, that means that all species are vulnerable to the climate change and the human being is no going to be an exception..
There are a list of names of mountain glaciers that are melting butthere is a specific case that I like to mention because it is happening in my country, Peru, and it is directly affecting to people that still living there. The Pastoruri glacial use to be one of the...
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