Global warming

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2012
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This present work is about the most important environmental problem that threat to tle world the global warming. The ideology people in the world have been changed perhaps in 55%, however thisporcentage is unfortunaly about not to protect the earth. Our planet is being damaged by unconscious people because they only think in money for example the factories.
Now is time to change that oneideology to, in the future, we and our children can enjoy a good life. In addition is very important to take necessaries measures.
In the past the life was normal, the clean air had been being breathedby people and the water rivers had been an important resource to live. The fruits had been cultivated with natural fertilizer, the forest had been protected by the people and the most important still ahole in the ozone layer hadn´t been created.
Recently in many regions the global warming effects have started damaging a lot of crops due to drought and as consecuences many people is sufferingfamine, unemployed, poverty and diseases. The people in these contiditions feel frustrated.
But what is causing these tides? The answer perhaps everyone, because these consecuences are being created bynot to have take care of nature culture. Another reasons for this are the factories that throw chemicals into the river, with this acction the chemicals kill the fish and contaminate the water andthe air. Meanwhile they are being polluted the more the health of people and overcoat the life will be threat.
However we can do many activities to stop this environmental problem, things to do aboutit are:
Take care of air: Not to use spray, not to burn the garbage.
Take care of earth: Not to throw the garbage, not to use chemical fertilizers, to separate the organic and inorganic garbage, torecycle , to use biodegrdable products.
Take care of water: not to use water up, to close the water key
Another way to do about it is to participate in ecologies organizations and overcoat the...