Global warming

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Global warming and the greenhouse effect
There’s no argument that the global warming is happening although there are arguments about its causes.
This figure shows that the average temperature ofthe Earth was about 14°C 150 years ago. Since then it had raised to 0.6°C. It may sound very little but it is a very significant increase. However this graph also shows that since 1980 the rate ofglobal warming has been speeding up. This is proved because since the last ice age 10000 years ago temperatures raised a lot but in the last 25 years it had been raising faster.
Causes of global warmingThe greenhouse is a natural process. The majority of scientist believe that the speed at which the world is a warming up at present is not entirely natural and that the rising of greenhouse gases inthe atmosphere are one of the reasons to blame. Human activities have sent levels of these gases in the atmosphere soaring. It is expected that by 2080 concentrations of carbon dioxide will be doublewhat they were before the industrial revolution. This was the start of the “accelerated greenhouse effect”. Humans are not responsible for creating a new atmospheric process, but they are responsiblefor the increasing proportion of these gases, which is upsetting the natural balance of gases in the atmospheric system. The largest contributor is carbon dioxide as the global energy use is absolutelydominated by fossil fuels.
Green house gas | Sources | | |
Carbon dioxide | Burning fossil fuels, deforestation & burning wood. | 64 | Up to 200 |
Methane | Deforestation. Descomp of wasteand farming (rice) | 18 | 12 |
CFCs | Aerosols. Refrigeration | 14 | 1000+ |
Nitrogen oxides | Chemical fertilizers. Motor transport burning fuels. Burning vegetation. Deforest. | 4 | 120 |Effects of GW
The USA itself, with less than 5% of world population is responsible for 25% world emissions. Europe, Russia and Japan emissions seem quite moderated when compared to USA.
GW is already...