Global wraming

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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2011
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Global Warm

The scientist said that since the of beginning of this century the temperature has been increased by in 0, 5 degrees as a consequence of continuous emission of gases to the atmosphere.It has been provoked the winter effect, that keep infrared radiation of the sun into the ambient.

Some humans activities such as burning combustibles like charcoal, and petroleum, and thedestruction of the forest are the most principal causes of emissions of gases, such as dioxide of carbons,  to the atmosphere. (CO2) the most dangerous in the generation of the winter effect.

A few yearsago it was proven that forest destruction is the first cause of the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere and it is gets worse every day. because The fundamental problem is that the foresthas develops the most important part to in keeping the of balance in the environment. of quantity of (CO2) into de ambient. With the forest destruction it isn’t impossible to keep the balance becauseevery day there isn’t enough trees on the earth.

According to the last information from of the Green peace, the earth loses 11,2 millions acres of forest  each year  and they advertise ment thatonly exist 22% of the original forest of the planet still exist.

It is time to think about what we can do? Because In the future, between 2030 and 2050, the global warm is going to ascend increasebetween 1.5 and 4.5 degrees. It will bring negative consequences around the world such a disappearing cots, (What do you mean - cots?) reserves of sweet water, and increased sickness.

The thingsthat we can do now is are trying to not use to much your car, walking more often or using a bicycle, or taking a bus. Those are some of the suggestions that gave that specialists gave.

In my countrysometimes they do a campaign call “ Adopt a tree.” Where people cultivate a tree and take care of it while it grows. I think it is another good idea to try to return the life of the forest. Imagine...
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