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1. Read from Roots of Modern Science until A Revolutionary Model of the Universe, and figure out 4 cases of the SR.

* The challenging of the ideas of ancient thinkers and the church.
* Thediscovery of America, Africa, and the Asia.
* The printing press and the need for better navigators.
* Instruments which trusted astronomy and mathematics end of classical learning.
2. Whydo you think Copernicus waited so long to publish findings?

Copernicus theory didn’t explained completely why did the planets orbited the way they did, plus scholars and clergy would reject histheory because it would contradict their religious view. Waiting some time to publish it would allow Copernicus to explain clearly his theory and when time passes the church each time losses more voice,giving his theory more importance and avoiding him to be killed.

3. What did Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo do in connection with the ideas of Copernicus?

Brahe: He built on the foundationsCopernicus had laid and also he carefully recorded the movements of the planets for many years. Brahe produced mountains of accurate data based on his observations.
Kepler: After Brahe’s death his assistanta very good mathematician named Johannes Kepler, continued with Brahe’s work. Kepler concluded that certain mathematical laws govern planetary motion using Brahe’s data.
Galileo: He built on the newtheories astronomy He learned that the Dutch lens maker had built an instrument that could enlarge far objects called telescope.

4. What is the scientific method? How was it a new idea?

Thescientific method is a logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas of a hypothesis. Scientists began to use observation, experimentation, and scientific reasoning to gather knowledge and drawconclusions about the physical world; before that, scientists relied on ancient authorities, church teachings, and reasoning to explain the physical world. The scientific method completely changed the...
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