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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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* Match (x) the three ways that everybody is using recently to keep in touch.
E-mails | Letters | Text Messages |
Video Conferencing | Webcam | Phone Calls |

* Read the next article.Do you agree with the article? Yes or No, Why?
Having a mobile phone is highly important in our age that a large percentage of the world population now usea cell phone.
There are some characteristics of a good cell phone that separates it from junk ones and this article will be explaining 5 characteristics of a good cell phone.
1. The worldis now more advanced and is continuing to advance in such a way that powerful computers with high technology can be packaged in a small way. A good mobile phone must be light and small andmustn’t require you to have a special bag for it because you want to use a mobile phone.
2. Another quality of a good mobile phone is its simplicity and its ease of use. I shouldn’t have amultimedia mobile phone that will take me hours to locate my camera or my gallery. It doesn’t matter how great a mobile phone is you can’t give any comment on it until it is used and a good mobilephone should be very easy to use.
3. A good cell phone should also possess a good battery management system because this matters a lot; after all, your phone is useless if you cannot useit. Phones with stronger batteries can last days while some will even last weeks.
4. It must have a good sound system. It is really dangerous if a mobile phone’s sound is too low or highbecause we all need privacy and flexibility.
5. It must have big and clear buttons. A good phone should have buttons that can be seen by people with eye defects and that can be pressed bypeople with big thumbs.
Even if a phone has all the fancy features in this world there is no value in it if you cannot use it. The above are some qualities a good mobile phone must have.
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