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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Globalization can be considered as a social technological andeconomical process for largescale cultural conciste growth incommunication and interpretation betweenthe various countries of the world market by bundling your culture and society through a series of economic and political transformations that give a global character.
Economic globalization as aprocess is associated with three historical moments:
1. The conquest and colonization and integration into the world market America.
2. The development of the industrial revolution and nineteenth century colonial expansion3. Development of cultural aspects that were favored by the media after the Second World War.

We often globalization is identified as a dynamic process produced by the samecompany as this lives under the capitalist system, democratic or otherwise a liberal democratic system. The factors that favor economic globalization are focused on human development and technological influence economicglobalization has transformed the growth of transnational corporation’s different social events just to bipolarity in the world thus creating a climate that provides the global expansion business. Currentlycirculating in the media in political speeches and academic production different and even conflicting views and judgments about globalization in recent years globalization has been installed as a keyconcept for understanding our times, until now, globalization has been manifested mainly in the economic aspect and especially in the financial sector money has Sifo the main agent that has acquired thisprocess a virtually unlimited freedom of movement right through border.


Globalization is a big advantage on the one hand, as is the newconcept of capitalism, profit is generated, not based on the exploitation of countries populations, what they all say, but instead if you want to globalization is to live better, to...
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