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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Kevin Spollansky
Block: D
November 29, 2011
Thin line between reality and mear drugs
This day at around 4:00 am in the morning, I was robbed at gunpoint. After a night of alcohol and drugs we decide to go on an odyssey to find more alcohol to consume. Walking down the lane, talking about the troubles of our youth and the troubles of the mind we crossed by a supermarket, which is literallyright next to a shit hole. The most dangerous place to be walking by at four in the morning, both inebriated, and with the mentality of “that will never happen to me, I am immortal.” We saw them, they were four and we were two. I see them pass by us and I knew, I could feel in me that something was going to happen. But they passed right by us and the feeling of fear was gone. And then with myperipheral view while talking to my friend I realized that they had turned around and they were heading towards us. I knew it and I should’ve run. They separated us both, two on two, and then I saw the gun. I will never forget that gun, it was one of those Wild West type, very similar if not a Smith & Wesson No. 3 Revolver. They yelled in almost incoherent words, the darkness masquerading theirfaces. They stole purely material objects, objects that although it hurts to have lost, can be recovered in time. I was left unharmed so I ran but then I turned around and I see my friend attempting to run, but he was at pain. They had punched him in the ribcage and he had fractured two ribs. We went as fast as we could to the nearest gas station and found some people, that after some, what theythought, harmless mockery, let us borrow a cellphone to contact our parents. We called and waited...His mother arrived and I called my parents. They drove as fast as they could to his house, where we were attempting to calm down. I stare at this screen and I feel pain, I feel depressed. Maybe it’s just the drugs I was given or maybe it’s just this anger I feel towards this whole situation. It isdifferent when someone steals to feed his or her family but its worst when one steals for the adrenaline or to sustain a drug addiction. The four teenagers that robbed us were not older than us, maybe even younger, which means an age of selfishness. They robbed us and what they got was a way to sustain their addiction to either adrenaline or drugs for several weeks. Our own society has produced theseaddictions we lie or steal for. A short moment of bliss could mean someone’s long-term misery. I couldn’t help but think that everything happens for a reason, although it sounds as a sort of religious faith. If that store we attempted to buy alcohol in first wasn’t closed, if my friend whose house I was supposedly staying at hadn’t been smoking weed all afternoon and decided not to go to the club inthe end, if I wouldn’t had found that friend in the club and had accepted his invitation to stay over, if I hadn’t decided to walk to the place instead of taking a cab, if if if... I hope this experience gives me something more than simple fear and anger, but it gives me the reasoning to change the world, to sabotage the pursuit for momentary pleasures on the cost of other’s misery. While in theface of death, I believe one grows a little inside but this growth can evolve down two paths, either the one of paranoia and perpetual fear or the one that takes this experience and makes it into something positive, drains every aspect of the momentary fear felt and attempts to see the bright side. I take this as a learning process. I have taken this new perspective with which I feel thateverything in life has to be lived, every single experience that life throws at you happens for a reason. You have choices in life and there are different paths to walk down but why not take a different path once in a while, get out of the standard order and basically LIVE. My best friend came over to my house a few weeks ago. He said he brought with him this drug called Laudanum. My first common sense...
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