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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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Why am I studying Tourism Business Management?

Do you know what you want to do with your life after finishing High School? The decisions you make the following years will mark your future forever. Many adolescents decide to enter the labor force without any prior superior education .Education is the key for success. And here is where the importance of going to University appears. But becareful with the career you choose because that will be what you will be doing the rest of your life. I chose to study tourism business management for three reasons: the use of languages, the diversity of the classes and its impact in economy.
The first reason why I chose to study tourism business management was because of the use of languages. I lived in U.S.A. for 10 years so I learnedEnglish as my second language. When I was deciding what career to study I wanted something where I could use my English as an advantage. I also wanted something with administration because I was really good with math. I was then acknowledged of the career of Tourism Business Management. So I didn’t have to look for more options and I decided to study Tourism Business Management. In this career not onlyEnglish is a requirement but also French and since I already speak English I just have to learn French. Having a career completed and knowing three languages will open me many doors. I find it amazing learning other languages. Throughout the years that I lived in the U.S.A. I was in contact with students from different nationalities. I had a Brazilian friend and I was always asking him to teachwords in Portuguese. Portuguese is really similar to Spanish but at the same time is really hard to learn. I will consider learning Portuguese as a lifelong goal not only because I find it as an extremely interesting language but also because the more languages you speak the more educated you are. Speaking other languages in Tourism is really important because tourist come from all around theworld. The main labor force where you have to dominate more than one language is at a Hotel. You must be able to communicate with the client to fulfill their necessities. Speaking to the client in their language will make them fell at home and they will want to stay for longer periods of time, and after they are gone they will want to come back for sure. Knowing many languages is a tool to achievegreatness in tourism.
The second reason why I chose to study tourism business management was because of the classes I’ll be taking in this career. This first semester I took Introduction to Tourism, Introduction to Management, Basic Mathematics, Basic English, Universal History, Research Methodology, Oral and Written Communication, Quality Service Culture and Tourism Economics. In Introduction toTourism I learned the basics of tourism, how it was developed, the fathers to gastronomy, modern tourism and Hospitality, we also learned main concepts of tourism and how is classified. Guyer Freuler defined tourism as “a natural phenomenon of the modern age, including its bases of increasing need to relax, cultural comprehension of tasting prettiness of sights and enjoyment of beauty of nature”.In Introduction to Management I learned the basic concepts of management, how was it developed and from where it came, I also learned about important people who made an impact to management. Thomas More defined management as “As a discipline, management consists of the interlocking functions of formulating corporate and organizing, planning, controlling, anddirecting an organization's resources to  achieve the policy's objectives”. Basic Mathematics was a refresh to some of the things I saw in High School which are the basics to what we’ll be learning later on in the career. In Basic English my classmates learned the basic rules of English, days of the week, months, numbers, they also learned some basic verbs and their past forms and how to make and answer questions. In Universal...
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