Globalization, european integration and the discursive construction of economic imperatives.

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2009
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Globalization, European Integration and the Discursive Construction Of Economic Imperatives.

Globalization has changed everything; the sovereignty of states has declined; everyone's ability toresist the rules of the market has disappeared; our possibility of cultural autonomy has been virtually annulled; and the stability of all our identities has come into serious question. Future is beingdetermined in this transition that has an extremely uncertain outcome. Globalization is something that came into existence in the 1990's (perhaps only upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, perhaps afew years earlier), we can most fruitfully look at the present situation in two other time frameworks, the one going from 1945 to today, and the one going from 1450 to today.

The period of 1450 totoday, by contrast, marks the life cycle of the capitalist world economy, which had its period of genesis, its period of normal development, and now has entered into its period of terminal crisis. Inorder to comprehend the present situation, we need to distinguish between these two social times, and the empirical evidence for each of them. During the last two decade globalization has becomefashion, and the term is use to refer the world phenomena which is increasingly in the single market, which manage some similar aspects like interdependent production, goods, life styles, responses to sameimpulses, and others.

What we should ask is whether all these changes are the result of any special handling of the global economic model or just an evolution to which we should arrive by the samekind of men, market and the economy. Possibly all of this to what we call globalization is more a myth than a reality, it is important to put aside this whole apparatus of information that in the lasttwenty years has bombed a bleak picture showing just where we are prey market. There are many speeches on globalization, some more fatalistic, other more optimistic, however most of them are...
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