Globalization fair

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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Is Globalization Fair?
Well, globalization could be great for foreign countries in economic terms, but it may affect the country where the foreign company is establish, yes every country have thesame rights, they can trade freely or do whatever they want with their money, but not all of them have the same power, or enough money to invest as easy as others, so this makes that big companies orstrong countries that have more money to invest, will easily grow and grow bigger and the ones that don’t have sufficient funds and this affects a lot the small companies, so I think it’s good but notfair because big and known companies will dominate over the small and new companies, they will have little competition, “Globalization is really an evil for countries like India and so many otherdeveloping countries. Globalization among the developed countries is fine because competition is equal, or among the developing countries it is fair for the same reason. But globalization among developedcountries and developing countries is an evil and a sin. It can only lead to more violence, prostitution, etc. and finally WAR. Tell me, how much it is possible and fair for a small country or poorcountry like India or Pakistan to compete with a rich and resourceful country like USA? The fruits of globalization will only be eaten by no more than 50,000 people in the world (who are multinationalcompanies and of course politicians).”(BBCnews, 1), this is talking about companies and business.
When we talk about the society, it also has its pros and cons, for example a foreign company willsell cheaper or better quality things to people, and it will be good, but the culture of the society will be affected in a bad way because they will change their ways of living and lose their tradition.So globalization in the end it’s not fair, it’s really good for rich companies but for the companies that are in a third world country or have very little money will be affected a lot in a bad...
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