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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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Universidad Simón Bolívar
English IV
The Globalization

Pedro Alejandro Valladares

The globalization is lately a very frequently term, but many people do not handle its definition asit is. There are many definitions for the word “Globalization”, such as “It is the multidimensional process, not only economic, but cultural, politic, social, and technological, that has as anexpression more determinant like the interdependence of the markets or the nations”. So basically the globalization is when countries trend to expand their companies, culture, technology, etc. worldwide.To understand how the globalization works, let’s give a quick look to some examples. When we go to the liquor store we can see a whole variety of domestic and international liquors. Domestic liquors(the ones produced within the nation’s borderlines) we could’ve always been able to buy them, but the international liquors (the ones produced outside of our nation’s borderlines) we can only haveaccess to them thanks to the globalization. This is due to the exporting country decision to integrate their products into the globalization. Another brief example is when we watch closely at oursurroundings and notice that many of our friend’s parents, neighbors, classmates, and many other people around us are descendants of foreign nationalities. This is also due to the globalization, since itallows people to migrate into other nations and settle their lives in other countries.
As everything in this world, the globalization has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. Here we will reviewsome of them.
With the advantages we can see that the globalization can be very beneficial to the societies, some of these advantages are the following. The globalization leads to the efficient use ofa nation’s resources, allowing to export what they have the most and to import what they simply don’t have. Also, allows that citizens of a nation to have access to a wide variety of products...
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