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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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1. Act One of the main divisions of a play or opera
The act two was very nice today
Nice job for second act.
2. Antagonist An adversary, or opponent in an opera, play, etc.
Elisa is theantagonist of the movie
I dont like the antagonist of this opera.
3. Baritone The medium male voice. Between the lower bass and higher tenor.
I am a baritone of the chorus.
This singer is baritone.4. Bravo! The Italian term shouted in approval at the end of a performance.
The people yell Bravo!!!!
In the act two people yell Bravo!!
5. Chorus A group of mixed voices or the musicalpassage sung by
In church we have chorus
I am baritone of chorus.
6. Composer A person who writes music
Is bad paid to be a composer.
Jose Alfredo Jimenez is nice composer.

7. Diva A femaleopera star. Translated into "goddess"; may imply a demanding or high-strung star.
Maddona is a diva.
Britney try to be a diva.
8. Director A person who manages or supervises an opera, film,play, etc.
Steve Spilber is a great director
John Williams is excellent director
9. Duet A song performed by two people.
Pipinela brothers is a duet.
I song with my syster in duet

10.Ensemble Any extended musical passage performed by four or more singers.
In university we create and ensamble.
We hear an ensable in universiy.
11. Finale The ending, usually a grand sceneinvolving some recapitulation of the music and action, involving as many members of the cast as possible.
The finale of the opera is very emotive
In the finale song an baritone.

12. Form A definiteshape or arrangement of a piece of music
The form of the song sound very well
This form create controversy.

13. Grand Opera Opera in the grand manner, signified by grandeur and size in cast,orchestra and sets
Tosca is a Grand Opera.
The director of this Grand Opera name Juan.
14. Heterophonic A type of voiced music which is basically non-harmonic.
The definition of heterophonic...