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Product: MOTOR GRADER Model: 12H NA MOTOR GRADER 4XM Configuration: 12H Motor Grader 4XM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3306B Engine

Testing and Adjusting
120H, 12H, 135H, 140H, 143H, 160H and 163H Motor Graders Power Train
Media Number -SENR8503-03 Publication Date-01/12/2005 Date Updated -15/12/2005 i02327205

Glossary of Electrical Terms
SMCS - 4800 Abnormal - This means a condition that is not normal. The presence of an abnormal condition or an abnormal signal indicates the existence of a problem. A warning is activated in order to alert the operator. Acknowledge - Some active events that are shown on the message center can be acknowledged by entering "OK"while the event is present. Active - This pertains to the status of a fault or to the status of a service code. When the fault is active, the fault is currently present. Alert Indicator - An alert indicator is a red indicator lamp that is associated with the message display. The alert indicator notifies the operator of an abnormal condition. When only the alert indicator is illuminated, a WarningCategory 1 is indicated. Alternating Current (AC) - An alternating current is electrical current which flows in both directions alternately. Ampere - Amperes are the unit of measure for the flow of electrical current in a circuit. +Battery - This pertains to any of the harness wiring which is part of the circuit that connects to the positive battery post. Calibration - Calibration is an electronicadjustment of a sensor signal. For example, calibration will correct small differences in output between the atmospheric sensors and the boost sensors. The output of the boost sensor is corrected by the ECM in order to equal the output of the atmospheric sensor after calibration. Cat Data Link - The Cat Data Link is an electrical connection for communication with onboard devices that use the datalink (ECM, CMS, VIMS, electronic power train, electronic dashboards and service tools such as Caterpillar Electronic Technician). The Cat Data Link is also the medium that is used for programming with Caterpillar service tools and for troubleshooting with Caterpillar service tools. Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) - This is a diagnostic service tool for a personal computer (PC). This softwareprogram is designed to replace the ECAP service tool. 14/06/11

12H Motor Grader 4XM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3306B Engine(SEBP24... Page 2 of 6

Circuit - A circuit is a continuous path along a conductor for the flow of electrical current. A circuit goes from an electrical source, throughvarious components, and back to the electrical source. Clear - This pertains to removing diagnostic information from the memory of the ECM. Before clearing a fault, a fault must be on hold and a fault must not be present. Code - See "Diagnostic Code". Component Identifier (CID) - A CID is a code that is used to identify a particular component. Communication Adapter - The communication adapterprovides a communication link between the ECM and the ET. The adapter converts Cat Data Link communication to RS-232 communication or to ATA data link communication and vice versa. Conductor - A conductor is a substance that can transfer an electrical current. Connector Contact - A connector contact is the component that actually makes the electrical connection between the harness connector and anotherconnector plug. Current - A current is the movement of electricity along a conductor. Current is measured in amperes. Data Link - See "Cat Data Link". Deadband - During this portion of the range of movement of a sensor such as the throttle position sensor, the output signal remains constant. Demand Fan Control - This is a system which controls the fan speed according to the coolant temperature....
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