Glosario en ingles

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Ilústrated glossary

Batlle tank Statue TaxiTanque de guerra Estatua Taxi

TreeChurch Calendar
Árbol Iglesiacalendario

Road SoldierSheep
Carretera Soldado OvejaPool Museum Flowers
Piscina Museo frores

BusRuins Park
Bus Ruinas Parque

Travel Experiences
We left 20 missing at 9 am. A school bus and arrived 5 was slow early in the school,students everywhere, parents and teachers / as the day began and everyone was very happy to find a place as important as the ruins of San Andres and after that have a great time in the park of friendship.The teachers began to ordain and students according to their degree in the appropriate bus was an atmosphere of desperation to grab seat, after all the fuss I start the bus and began the long andextraordinary journey.
We played the number 1 bus. There went the high school sophomore with the eighth grade `` B'' with the teacher guiding Yoli as our trip was a little slow when we started because...
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