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Modalidad Tutorial a Distancia Inglés I Paper

GLOSSARY ENGLISH 1 1.1. YOU AND YOUR COMPANY business (negocios) e.g. He often goes on business trips. / Business is really bad at the moment. company (compañía) e.g. She's the boss of a small company which manufactures bikes. introduction (presentación formal de una persona a otra) e.g. It is time to make introductions all round. sell (vender)e.g. Motorola sells mobile telephones. job (trabajo) e.g. a: What his job? b: He is an architect. colleague (colega) e.g. This is my colleague. We work together at Nokia's head office. consultant (consultor) e.g. He works for a firm of management consultants. boss (jefe) e.g. I have a new job. I really like my colleagues, but I don't like my new boss. Activity book salesman (vendedor) e.g. He isone of our best salesmen. He often sells 15 cars per month. team (equipo) e.g. Many companies encourage team work. pay (pagar) e.g. Can I pay by credit card? 1.2 TALKING ABOUT YOUR COMPANY advertise [on] hacer publicidad e.g. After the incident, the company decided to advertise on T.V. advertisement [informal: 'ad' or 'advert'] (publicidad/propaganda) e.g. If you want to sell your car, why don'tyou put an advertisement on the newspaper. advertising (publicidad) e.g. He works in advertising. advertising campaign (campaña publicitaria) e.g. Benneton's advertising campaigns are usually very different from its competitors' campaigns.


Modalidad Tutorial a Distancia Inglés I Paper

business trips (viajes de negocios). e.g. She usually goes to China on business trips. compete(competir) e.g. Several companies are competing to gain the contract. competitors (competidores) e.g. Nokia's main competitors are Ericsson and Motorola. customers (clientes) e.g. The company has many customers in China. employ (emplear) e.g. Nokia employs 53,000 staff all over the world. (un) employment / unemployment (empleo/desempleo) e.g. The rate of unemployment is increasing in our country.employee (empleado) e.g. The company has 34,000 employees. employer (empleador) e.g. They're not good employers (i.e. they treat their workers badly.) factory (fábrica) e.g. Nokia has factories in ten countries. figures (cifras) e.g. As you can see, the figures for Asia-Pacific are rising. head office /headquarters [abrev.HQ] (casa central) e.g. Nokia's head office is in Helsinki. interview (entrevistar/ entrevista) e.g. Journalists usually interview famous people./ I have to attend a job interview today. market (mercado) e.g. The company's main market is China. produce (producir) e.g. The company produces 50% of the cars sold in the country. producer (productor). e.g. The firm is Britain's main producer of electronic equipment. product (producto) e.g. Benetton's main products are shoes andcasual wear. production (producción) e.g. The company plans to increase production by 20%. productivity (productividad) e.g. Most companies are looking for ways of improving productivity. productivity bonus (comisión / dinero extra que se le da a los trabajadores cuando producen más bienes). e.g. The company gave employees a productivity bonus in May. sales (ventas) e.g. Sales are high in China.sales person/salesman/saleswoman (vendedor/a) e.g. A salesperson is a person whose job is to sell goods.


Modalidad Tutorial a Distancia Inglés I Paper

self-employed (trabajador autónomo) e.g. He is a very successful selfemployed young man. senior manager (gerente de alto rango) e.g. Ralph Van Dijk is a senior manager at Nokia. sponsor (patrocinar) e.g. Marlboro sponsors sports events.successful (exitosa) e.g. The advertising campaign was really successful. Sales are increasing rapidly. supplier (proveedor) e.g. Michelin is one of BMW's suppliers. supply (proveer) e.g. Michelin supplies tyres to the BMW team. Activity book annual sales (ventas anuales) . The company's annual sales are $ 45,000,000. billion (Brit. un millón de millones = 1,000,000,000,000 ; U.S. mil millones...
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