Gobierno americano

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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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DUE DATE: MARCH 23, 2010


During the time of the Enlightenment Thinkersgreat changes in both countries (USA and France) occurred.
These thinkers contributed great ideas which took these countries to start thinking outside of the box. People started to question abouttheir privileges and of what the government was taking away from them and how they were taking advantage of citizen’s rights. People started thinking about revolving and getting what they deserved, “Theproperty of their own person”.
The American and French Revolution were extremely high influenced by the thoughts of the Enlightenment Thinkers; in these both, American and French Revolution, agreedwith the thoughts of “THE RIGHT OF NATURE” which refers to the rule of nature, and the thoughts of power, freedom, and property.
These two countries were extremely concerned about of how governmentbecame destructive and how they should abolish this to continue happening. They realized of how they did not have any right to rule them selves. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean J. Rousseau, and otherthinkers, were the main influence for them to make up their mind and revolve.
Every man is responsible of their own person, they can only make a decision for their own, and no one else can interferewithout his consent. “Every man has a property in his own person; this nobody has a right but himself” (T. Hobbes). “No one can be put out of his estate and subjected to the political power of an otherwithout his consent” (J. Locke). These two thoughts made people think about of how they should start making decisions for them by abolishing the interference of the government in their decisions moreimportant understanding that they are the owners of their own.
Every human being is free to do what ever he wants based on his own judgment and reason. Every man was born free to do what ever they...
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