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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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I think there would be more government involvement in health care in the U.S. because there are someother counties that have total cover of the population with a good health service, and they spend less than U.S., but also I think the government shouldn’t have the total control of it, there would beno competence in service and I believe that we need it so Americans could have good services because if there is no competence, almost all hospitals and doctors wouldn’t care about the way they dotheir duties and also there would be some abuses from them, now in mostly of the hospitals you are getting what you are paying for and that’s how it has been working but it makes a lot of Americans beingout of health insurance.
Government could help in some way; it could be investing in new technology that could make the procedures and the medicines cheaper, more efficient and reducing the costs ofhospital services, making the health care competence among hospitals paying for the quality of their work instead of the amount provided lowering prices and having better services, government couldhelp making sure people get a right and fair care service, government is already involved in essential services and it had worked really well.
With the investment in new technology and using electronicmedical records we can reduce the use and waist of paper helping the ecology and reducing the costs in some way and those are just some ideas.
How could a family afford insurance if the insurancecompanies are rising the costs services faster than the wages are rising? I think that health care services work as any other services; lower prices higher demand and if insurances were lower, peoplemight think that It would be a good investment. Only very few people can pay for those expensive costs of insurances and those insurances that more people can afford doesn’t cover certain diseases and...
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