God's surgery

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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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See With New Eyes
During the time that Ethiopia was suffering a great famine, many people focused their attention on this country. Many famouspeople wanted to appear in this context to their faithful followers, but this was not the case with Bono, who was the singer of the famous rock groupcalled U2, and his wife Ali. They decided on going to Ethiopia to work in secret on a relief campus which is a large feeding and health center ofthe World Vision Ethiopia.
Steve Reynolds, who was working for the World Vision Ethiopia, saw a hint of fear in Bono’s eyes when he went to pickthem up at the airport. When he saw this, he thought that this famous couple would not stay on the relief campus working one week, and they would goback to their country, but it was not true because they stayed almost one month working hard. In fact, they were very loved by the staff, and thegoodbye was very sad.
Bono and Ali helped to develop a music and drama program for children during their stay on the relief campus. Also, they enjoyedwriting and singing songs with the children that contained messages like eating healthy vegetables and washing their hands before they eat. Stevetestifies that when Bono and Ali concluded their agreed time, something changed in Bono. It is like if God did a surgery in his eyes because he sawchildren and mothers in a different manner and Steve concluded with this phrase, “When God does eye surgery, you never see things the same way again.”
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