God without religion

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Is there a difference between God and Religion? There is definitely a difference between God and religion.  God is someone I have a relationshipwith.  My view on God can be altered by many factors in my life.  It can be affected by my relationship with my own father or even by my culture and the people I spend time with.
I see religion is aset of beliefs that have guidelines for behavior associated with them.    There are many religions with many differing beliefs and rules.   I don’t  think God needs religion.  He wants to have arelationship with me.   It is so easy for me to get confused and think that my relationship with him has rules of engagement.    I love knowing that God cares about me and that my relationship with himdoes not need a lot of order and structure.  I want to participate in religion or church to celebrate his holiness, but it’s not a condition of knowing God.  Do you believe you can you connect to Godwithout religion?
A good life without religion…
You may have arrived here out of curiosity.
You may want to know more because you're fed up with the way that religion is creeping into all aspects ofpublic life – into politics, education (faith schools, for example), welfare services, and so on.
You may think that it's shocking that British schoolchildren are being taught that we were "created",and not that we evolved from primitive life forms over billions of years – the most interesting and exciting story ever told.
You may be angry because the state visit of the Pope to the UK cost somuch money, and he's head of a church with an appalling record of child abuse that opposes safe sex, abortion, and equal rights for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
You may feel thatreligion is increasingly irrelevant to life in the 21st century, a hangover from a time when people weren't encouraged to think for themselves, and that we should assert positive human values free...
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