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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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GREATLOVERS.COM Presents Red Hot Sex Tips.com's Sexual Survey Results From over 100 women! True Uncensored Answers from Real Women that answered our survey at http://www.redhotsextips.com

Copyright 1999 © Greatlovers.com
All rights reserved. No part of this publication document or the text on this page or in this electronic file may be reproduced or transmitted in any way form or by meanselectronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, e-mail, newsgroup posting, or any information, storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without written permission from the publisher. We take this very seriously and copying and breaking our copyright is punishable by fines in excess of $100,000. In addition to fines and imprisonment under the laws of software piracy if thisis distributed electronically over the internet. If you would like to "quote" a passage from this document for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper article, radio or TV show please contact results@greatlovers.com

About the Survey The questions and answers you are about to read came from our women survey at http://www.redhotsextips.com. We used in this document the most complete and bestquality responses that we received from our survey. We also took the ones the were the most representative of all the responses that we received. Most men will never have the chance to ask over 100 women what they want in a lover or what they like in bed and get a true uninhibited answer from them. We believe this is a rare opportunity to look into a women's mind and see her true feelings and desiresabout sex and what makes a man a great lover. While all women are different in there needs there are some common desires and themes that can be gathered from this survey. With this insight you can become more of what your woman desires and truly become a great lover. This survey was completely anonymous and the participants were ask to make up a alias (fake name) for the survey. Therefore they feltthat the could divulge there most intimate secrets and desires with us so that we can help you become better lover. We would like to give much thanks to all of the very open and sharing women for there contribution that made up this survey and this document. About the questionnaire The following is the exact text of the questionnaire and the questions we asked: Anonymous Sexual Questionnaire (ForWomen Only) ( This questionnaire is completely anonymous. We have no way to match this questionnaire with you in anyway.) You Must Fill In All Questions for the form to process! At the minimum enter (no comment) Please enter an alias ( Fake Name) or initials Please give us your age:

Question #1 - Question #1 - What makes a man a great lover? Question #2 - Does penis size matter? (Be 100%Honest and tell us why it does or does not?) Question #3 - What is the perfect penis size? ( Length & Thickness if you wrapped a tape measure around it.) Question #4 - Which matters to you most, Size or Sexual Technique? ( Please explain why?) Question #5 - Describe in detail your most memorable, favorite, pleasurable, intense or erotic sexual experience you have ever had? And what made it so? Question#6 - Describe your favorite sexual technique, that when done to you absolutely drives you wild in bed? Question #7 - Describe your favorite sexual technique, that when done to you absolutely drives you wild in bed when applied to: Applied to Receiving Oral Sex: Applied to Intercourse: Question #8 - What is your favorite sexual position? Question #9 - Do you enjoy Anal Sex? Question #10 -Have youever had Anal Intercourse? Question #11 - What Anal Sex Activities do you enjoy? (fingering, intercourse, oral, etc....) Question #12 - What do you enjoy or dislike about Anal Sex? (Describe in detail)

Question #13 - What advice would you give men that want to try anal intercourse with their partners? Question #14 - Describe your favorite sexual technique, that when done to you absolutely...
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