Golden nugget

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C1-1 )Gold, one of the most sought- after metal in the world, has a density of 19.3 g/cm3 , melts at 1064 C, and has aspecific heat of 0.129 J/g C. In 1998 a gold nugget was found din Alaska that weight 294.10 troy ounces.

c)If thenugget were pure gold, what is its volume in cm3 ?
if 19.3 grams occupy 1cm3. 1 Troy ounce is 31.1 grams we have31.1/19.3 = 1.61cm3 per troy ounce tha multiplied by 294.1 equals to:

d) What is the area in m2 if the gold nuggetis hammered to a foil with a thickness of 0.0035 in.?
having the 473.50 in cm3 we can convert that to cm2 by dividingit with the thickness on cm that is 8.9x10^-3. By doing the convertion of 0.0035in X 2.54cm so we can Get the answerof 5.33 X 10^4 cm2 so now all it’s left is to 5.33 X 10^4 cm^2 ( 1m/100 cm)^2 = 5.3 m2

e) What is the melting point ofgold in degrees Fahrenheit and kelvins ?
1064 Celsius + 273.15 = 1337.15 Kelvin

CI-2 The mileage of a motorcyclewith a fuel tank that holds 22 L of gasoline in 35 miles per gallon.

b. If the price of gasoline is $2.67 per gallon,what would be the cost of fuel for the trip?
22 liters equals to 5.81178515 gallons so 5.81178515 x 2.67 = $15.5174664
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