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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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In a very beautiful house in the middle of the forest where Dad, Mom, and the little bear. One day, after making all bedsclean house and make soup for dinner, the three bears went towalk in thewoods. While the bears were walking down theforest, came a girl named Goldilocks, who, seeing so cute
house, came over and looked out the window. Everything seemed very organized.

Then, forgetting thegood education that her mother had given
girls decided to enter the house of the Three Bears. Seeing the house
clean and organaized as well, Goldilocks saw everything he could. But
After a while hewas hungry thanks to the delicious smell coming from the
making soup at the table. He approached the table and saw that there were 3 bowls. A small one, a larger one, and another still larger andlarger. And again,
without regard to education than their parents had given her, the girl
launched to try the soup.

 It started with the larger bowl, but
the soup was too hot. Then came the mediumand
I thought the soup was too cold. He went on to test the smallest bowl and the soup was as she liked. And he took everything, every bit.
When he finished her soup, Goldilocks went to the largestchair but
was too hard for her. Went to the middle seat and it seemed
too soft. And they decided to sit in the smaller chair,
it was very comfortable. But the chair was not used to carry
bothweight and gradually the seat gave way and broke. Goldilocks
Gold decided to go to the room and test beds. Tested
big bed but it was very high. The bed was very low and medium finally
proved thelittle bed was so comfortable and she stayed
totally asleep.

As Goldilocks was fast asleep, the 3 bears came back home
and just saw the big bear was inside his spoon his
bowl and said in his loudvoice
- Someone has been eating my soup! 

And Mama Bear also saw the spoon in her bowl and said:
- Someone's been eating my soup too! And the little bear said
- Someone has taken my soup and ate...
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