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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2011
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Good People
Name: Daniela Morales Medina Grade: 9° Date: 10/02/11
This short story was written in the 2007 by David FosterWallace. Good People has as purpose to tell a story that is very common in adolescents and young adults, during this new century: pregnancy.
The storytalks about a couple of young adults, Sheri and Leane A. Dean, Jr. They both are in a picnic park. Sheri gets pregnant and she is thinking about gettingan abortion. But because they are very religious they are not sure of their decision. During almost all the story, Sheri and Lane A. Dane are quite. Heanalyses he’s beliefs, he’s actions and his thoughts. He reviews the relationship with Sheri, questioning the love they have between them, but mostly, hislove towards Sheri. But finally he understands everything. He sees through her heart and sees the girl he is in love with, and suddenly he sees what heSheri is going to say. Then, she takes Lane A. Dean, Jr´s hands, and the meet their eyes.
David Foster Wallace wants to give a dark atmosphere.  Thiscan be seen when theauthor uses metaphors related to the setting. Such as "The angle of the sun made the water of the shallows look dark.” Thisdescription creates a mental image of darkness and cold. This corroborates the situation that the characters are living.
Lane A. Dane demonstrates a degree ofconfusion throughout history.  Shows that it is a very religious person, but at the time to be facing a serious problem, his faith can swing dangerously.