Gparted live on usb

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  • Publicado : 27 de julio de 2010
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GParted Live on USB
First, download GParted live iso or zip file. GParted live iso file is required for Unetbootin method in the following. For other methods, GParted live zip file is required.After the iso or zip file is downloaded, you can make it bootable on a MS Windows or on a GNU/Linux computer by the following steps (This method only works for the file system in USB flash drive is FATformat. For other file system, you can try to use grub or other bootloader):

Extract files and make USB flash drive bootable under MS windows o Choice 1 (Manually): ***************************** WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! ***************************** WARNING!: ***DO NOT RUN*** makeboot.bat from your local hard drive! It should only be run from your USB flash drive. Executing itincorrectly could cause your MS windows not to boot!!! 1. Download the HP-USB Format tool and format your flash drive using the Fat or Fat32 option. This program can be used to format USB devices that won'tboot properly when formatted with MS windows format tool. 2. Extract all the contents of the zip file to your "flash drive." Keep the directory architecture, for example, file "COPYING" should be inthe USB flash drive's top directory (e.g. G:\COPYING). 3. Browse to your "flash drive" and click the makeboot.bat in the dir utils\win32\. WARNING! Makeboot.bat must be run from your USB flash drive.Executing it incorrectly could cause your MS windows not to boot. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. (PS: The above description is modified from: Thanks to PDLA from o Choice 2 (A GUI program on MS windows):  Download Unetbootin to help you to create this Live USB flash drive. Just run the program on MSwindows, then you can follow the GUI to create the live. You will need the GParted live iso file in this method. PS. The boot menu created by Unetbootin is not exactly the same boot menu as the one...
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