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History of England
The first inhabitants

The European continent has a set of the northwestern region of the islands that before was known as the Kingdom (United Kingdom), Great Britain is the most important due to his size, (of there it took the name of Great Britain). The island was relatively insignificant in the history of the western civilization. There is few indications of thelanguage or civilization of the first inhabitants, only megalithic monuments as Stonehenge, which date back to the Age of Bronze (2300-800 aC towards).

His first settlers came afoot 210000 years ago, during a period of glaciation, due to the fact that Great Britain joined with the continental territory, because the level of the sea was hundred meters below the current one. The first inhabitants ofthese Accessions were done concerning what today is the South of Wales and the west of England. Homo sapiens appeared 30000 years ago, with great presence in the final of the last glaciation, 13000 years ago.

In 7500 AC dated it is the center mesolítico maglemosiense Star Carr, Yorkshire. The culture tardenosiense came later, in two big waves. Maglemosienses and tradenosienses were hunters andrecollectors and the first ones knew the axe and the systems of forest exploitation.

There came later the culture Aziliense, with accessions on the coasts. There are very few tracks, due to, probably, that in 5000 B.C., the merger separates the continent Great Britain.

The arrival of the farmers' cultures

In 3800 AC the first colonizing farmers came by sea. They settled themselves inWessex And during decades it lived with maglemosienses of the jungles, tardenosienses of the valleys of the rivers and Aziliense's coasts. The success accompanied to this culture of farmers and shepherds, call the Windmill Hill it appeared in the place where a rich reservoir, which in 3000 B.C. was issued by Great Britain and Ireland. The need of that first forced glassy the mining industry. Burdenthey have found in the shape of mounds length of the land and the plaster. The longest is called a bank barrows and the rest to length barrows.

In 2800 AC megalithic monument is dated the West Kennet Long Barrow, after the arrival of the builders' first quota, which is mixed by Windmill Hill's culture. The second quota later landed in the southwest of Scotland and Northern Ireland, withaccessions in Man, Wales and Derbyshire. In Ireland there came later the builders known as Boyne's culture. The contacts between hunters and farmers it led to the passage of time to the trade. The culture of the neolithic peoples of the secondary one, Peterborough summons of an opposing warehouse there, between them the hunt and the fishing together with the agriculture and the pottery. Other culturalgroups are those of Clacton-Rinyo, established in the north of Scotland and the south-east of England and Dorchester in the valley Of the Thames. The factories of axes appear also. The information contained in 2600 AC, so called Heng is in the south of England numerous circular terraces, with a short-cut. In 2300 AC it is the Stonehenge's first construction.

The Age of Bronze

In the year1900 AC come to several groups of Beaker the culture, the trade of copper, beer, the gold and the silver. Under his impulse, the agriculture turned into a secondary activity displaced by the ranching, the hunt and the first crafts of the metals. Windmill Hill disappeared as culture, but the people of the neolithic secondary one they continued his. The culture of the bell-shaped glass does notconstruct megalithic monuments to realize burials. West Kennet Long Barrow that already are not in use as a burial in the year 1700 a.c

The men of the culture Beaker culture constructed Avebury's sanctuary and Silbury Hill's artificial mountain, the group of Callanish's monoliths and the Stonehenge's second structure. In 1700 AC Armoricano landed in England tribes in search of copper and tin you...
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