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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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The graffiti term comes from Italy is used for archaeology terms, the graffiters are known as writers.
We call graffity to the draws on the wall or other places, ithas different types like tags, bombs, stickers etc.

On legal terms we have two types of graffity legal and ilegal
Legal is when you ask for the wall that you are going to paintIllegal when you only paint with no permission

-The tags are just a letters with a message

-The bombs are more sophisticated, with different colors, outlines, shadows andmore stuff

-Stickers well are stickers :)


Some History
For my graffity starts when the humans started to paint the walls for express something, but well, thepeople have been calling graffity after the 60's with the grow up of the hip hop culture.
The graffity is 1 of the 4 elements of hip hop (Mc, Dj´s, B-boys)
It's start with a man(combread of Finland) who left messages on the walls for a girl, then the revolution began with letters on the walls, different colors, sizes and styles.
With the time greatsgraffiters appeared in all the cities but have a top in the city of New York. They paint walls and railcars of trains that was a battle of styles and the crown to the best graffiter.That was the big era for graffity then at 1988 the Metropolitan Transit Authority of NY started to clean the graffity, enact laws against graffiti, up years in jail for paintwalls, the society become against graffiters and then started the era of the clean trains .

Graffiter tools
The basics tools for a graffiter or writter is :
Spray-1.Can 2.Caps
-Paints -Big markers -Rake